Exercise Rehabilitation is a branch of Physiotherapy where the patient is rehabilitated through movement, specific exercises, strength training and gait retraining.

It is where the canine patient learns to walk again after neurological or orthopaedic surgery or during conservative management of a debilitating condition. It is where the equine patient can be assisted to correct the compensatory locomotion that is causing repetitive injury.  In either case it is where injured patients regain their strength and confidence. Exercise rehabilitation is vital to ensure that patients have the very best chance of regaining quality of life, reducing the chance of further injury and pain. Correct exercise, delivered at the optimum time, can be the difference between a positive or negative outcome.

Team members such as the veterinary nurse, msk practitioner and hydrotherapist, are perfectly placed to offer rehabilitation through exercise, as well as comprehensive advice to owners, to help ensure the patient has the very best chance of recovery.


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